Buddhist Geeks

Audio dharma is one of the greatest Dharmacore tools. You can download podcasts of teachers you might never have a chance in hell of seeing in person, and you can hear their voice and listen to their words of wisdom every day as you try to not flip off the guy who cuts you off in morning traffic.

One of my favorites is the Buddhist Geeks podcast. These are some seriously geeky guys doing quality interviews with some of the most inspiring Buddhist teachers out there. They also tackle topics at the heart of the Dharmacore idea: going beyond “coffee table Dharma” to serious practice, the power dynamics of institutionalized Zen, and explorations of how each generation renews the Dharma.

Highly recommended, so check them out.

One Response to “Buddhist Geeks”

  1. I’m lucky enough to have wonderful teachers in my own city, but the community has really embraced the web to get their teachings out into the interwebs. Check out http://www.bswa.org.au/ for mp3 dhamma talks and that kinda thing.

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