Dhammapada 9-10

He who, depraved,
devoid of truthfulness
& self-control,
puts on the ochre robe,
doesn’t deserve the ochre robe.

But he who is free
of depravity
with truthfulness
& self-control,
in the precepts,
truly deserves the ochre robe.

I feel weird about this, almost as if it’s saying we have to be free of all the bad stuff before we even take up practice (the ochre robe). I’m guessing this is more like a pep talk to the monks, though, and a standard by which lay people of the time could decide where to devote their generous donations to the sangha. What does it mean to wear the ochre robe, though? To take up monkhood? Or just to take up practice?

Speak truth
Don’t be a maniac
Keep the 5, the 8, the 10 or the 16

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