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Anyone want to answer a newbie Buddhist with a few Dharma questions?

…can you truly accept a situation without some desire or outcome (e.g. greater peace) in mind, even if it is in the back of your mind?

…If you want to eliminate desire, isn’t that in itself a desire? And can anyone do anything without serving one desire or another? If you took this to a logical extreme, you’d stop desiring food and die. Are practicing Buddhists anywhere close to eliminating desire?

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One Response to “Beanplating Buddhism | Ask MetaFilter”

  1. K.Ravi Kumar Reddy Says:

    I remember as follows:

    Once Ananda was asked the similar question that desiring for Nibbana is itself a desire.

    For that Ananda answered: “Once Nibbana is achieved, that desire will be no more”.

    Spiritual or other desires as required for an individual will be there. As far as one lives the life of Dhamma, the goal will be reached.

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