Praise and Blame in Zen

How do we reflect praise and blame in Zen? Praise can be a smack on the head, and blame can be a gracious thank you.

The Dalai Lama reflects on praise and blame in his commentary on lines from Longchen Rabjam’s Finding Comfort and Ease in Meditation on the Great Perfection.

By The Dalai Lama
The Dalai LamaSee the equality of praise and blame,
approval and disapproval, good
and bad reputation,
For they are just like illusions or
dreams and have no true existence.

THIS VERSE REFERS to the Eight Worldly Concerns: wanting to be praised and not wanting to be criticized, wanting happiness and not wanting suffering, wanting gain and not wanting loss, and wanting fame and approval and not wanting rejection and disgrace. We all experience these, don’t we? Even animals probably have them in some slight measure.

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