American Bhikkhuni Sangha builds a yurt for Vassa, supplies and donations still needed

Alliance for Bhikkhunis
For the first time in North America, this summer there will be a complete Bhikkhuni Sangha living together in community for Vassa, the three-month long rains retreat which begins on July 25, 2010. Including samaneris and sincere monastic life aspirants, there will be approximately ten women together for the entire retreat, with several more sincere monastic life aspirants joining in for a substantial portion of Vassa. For those who would like to help and want to know what can be done to support this historic happening, please join in any and every way you can from near or far.

From afar:
– send meditative moral support and good wishes
– donate needed supplies (see details below) or funds

Labour needing to be done on site:
– finishing outhouses
– finishing trailer fix-up and painting
– working on solar system
– building the commons area patio
– sewing and painting the tee-pee cover
– trail building work
– building meditation/camping platforms

– rides coordinator and dana coordinator during Vassa

Needed supplies:
– stove for the kitchen trailer
– on-demand water heater and shower tent
– materials for building the commons area patio
– solar system supplies
– material and paint for tee-pee cover

Needed supplies for monastic retreatants:
– tents, sleeping bags and camping pads
– SOLAR rechargeable flashlights and lanterns
– natural insect repellent
– sunscreen
– Technu poison oak soap and poison oak medicine
– natural biodegradable dishwashing, body and laundry soaps

Any of these things would be extremely helpful and most gratefully accepted. If you can help out with any of the above, please contact Hermitage co-ordinator Sara Sacksteder at saraca (at) earthlink (dot) net or Jill Rayna at dharmacreeksangha (at) gmail (dot) com.
Thank you!See More<div class=”>dhammadharini’s Aranya Bodhi Dhamma/Dana-Sala Yurt Raising set

What these women are doing is amazing.

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  1. Thank you and blessings for posting this here, Shinkai Al. _/\_

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