Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Online Course

A lot of people who are interested in exploring online Dharma do so because they don’t have a center near them or can’t get to one. Also, people who suffer from anxiety and depression – people who might be greatly helped by Buddhist practice – may not go to a Buddhist center for a course.

One great offering I’ve found is an online mindfulness meditation course offered by Gil Fronsdal and Ines Freedman. Starting on July 14, the course will cover the basics of mindfulness, including a beginning meditation schedule and online talks. I’m already registered and I’m excited to get started. The teachers are using a Google group to communicate with students. I think this is an excellent example of teachers stepping it up to use new media to reach out to those who are eager and interested to learn about the Dharma.

If you decided to register for this free course (dana is accepted for the teachers), leave me a comment and let me know.


6 Responses to “Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Online Course”

  1. I probably won’t register for the online course (so many dharma classes to choose from in New York!), but this looks like a great resource for people outside of major urban areas. And it’s nice to see a new dharma blog!

  2. @Eva Thanks so much for your comment. I didn’t know about the i.d. project blog – I’m adding it to my blogroll now!

  3. Celeste Says:

    Sadly, the course is full.

  4. […] teachers kicked off a 6-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course (that I mentioned in a previous post). What’s special about that, you say? Well, this meditation course takes place entirely […]

  5. ROCHELLE Says:

    Yes I am very interested in this online course – please include me in your course distribution online.


  6. While it is often best to work with a teacher in person, Online Meditation Courses can be very effective, especially if they are individualized to the needs of the individual through email or Skype as we do at MMT.

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